Sunday, February 22, 2009

Serendipity Market....

Two words for the market...fantastic and COLD! Jena and I had fun even with the cold wind and rain...and we still managed to make a few purchases.
Next market we need to wear tags that say Blogger and the name of our blog!! I don't know why I didn't think of that before !! That way we wouldn't be walking around wondering if there were any other bloggers there!
I was very happy to meet the girls at Patina Green....they had a lot of nice things as did Willow Nest. Jena and I met Ludmil and Linda at Canton last spring and just fell in love with them...super sweet couple. Of course LaurieAnnas was packed with all sorts of temptations.
This box was my first had to have...I love things you can put STUFF in, and this sure fits the bill.
It has six little boxes inside that you can fill up and it even has windows on the top so you can see what you have....I love it!! It will definitely not go in the closet.

I can see this filled with buttons...ribbons?

I love it!!

Some of my loot I the silver trays I bought from
LaurieAnna. I bought the birdcage from the gals over at
Patina Green. Love the little birds...they are going to be attached
to the posts on my bed. And the chargers!!....I love these, they are going to be perfect
for spring. Love must be in the air!!....:-D