Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Food For The Soul....

A garden is food for the soul
A simple pleasure to behold.

A place to dream of things to come
To listen to nature and life's hum

It's beauty lasts throughout our days
And gives us peace in many ways
Ever changing with every light
It shows its strength with such delight.

A garden is food for the soul
A simple pleasure to behold.
Author unknown

A view of the rose arbor...New Dawn Roses, they smell heavenly.

A wizard, as my grandson calls them... :-) Don't you just love grandkids? I am going to miss that baby talk. They grow up way too fast.
These are Double Knockout Roses, Ox-Eyed Daisies, and a wild flower that I can't remember the name of.
They come up all over the place but are easy to pull out . I dug through my garden catalogs and found the name of the wildflower, it's called Bishop's Flower and is an annual.
Diamond Frost Euphorbia!! I love, love, love this plant. It looks like baby's breath, blooms all summer AND it's drought tolerant. I had to order it last year, but I found some at Lowes this year. That's Million Bells in the background...I love it too.
This is a clematis called Perle d'Azur that I planted several years ago and it is thriving where I planted it.

There's another wizard!!!...we have an abundance of them this year.
I found this pot at Lowes the other day...I love the color combinations!

Have a great day and enjoy what God has given us!!!