Saturday, February 6, 2010

Old barns & kids, etc.


I think I have already posted this photo of Ty Allen but I added texture to this looks like someone painted in the background with crayons.

I went looking for old barns last week and only found one....where did they all go?

I have passed this pond many times and always wished I had my camera with me. I made a special trip a couple of weeks ago just to get this shot. I love the old wooden fishing pier....can't you just see a
little boy sitting there with his fishing pole?

I was walking in the pasture and just happened upon this squirrel,
thinking he was hid ,  didn't move until I did. Then he  played
hide and seek with me.
Look at the grape vines, how big they are.
When I was little our neighbor had vines all over the trees in a little
patch of woods behind their house...that was our playhouse. Her
dad even built us a bunk bed...we enjoyed many hours playing with
our dolls there.

Did I hear someone say squirrel!!!...;-)