Thursday, March 4, 2010

Blueberry Muffins
I should have taken photos as I was making them
but we had been giving shots
and trimming donkey feet so I didn't think about
it until it was too late.
They are sooooo good!...I am in a cooking mood
and will probably gain ten pounds but
I don't care!! I'm tired of being good...;-)

I will show you a pizzia I made the other day...I love to make
homemade pizzia dough. It smells so good when you're making it.
I use Paul Newman spaghetti sauce...cook my veggies first...
add meat of your choice, and wait until the pizzia is almost done
then I add lots of cheese. Oh and I add sliced tomatoes
on top of the cooked vegetables. Yummy.

My little helper.

And I couldn't leave without one more snow picture!!