Thursday, May 20, 2010

       We are always the same age inside. ~ Gertrude Stein

That is the truth!..amazing how we think we haven't aged and then we look in the mirror...=).
Just a few photos of pretty things for you to enjoy.

              A view in my garden shed window.

The abandoned wren nest....


Lovely wisteria bloom


Gabriella wondering what in the heck I'm doing.
     I'm really surprised there aren't any ears showing up in this picture because I was covered up in donkeys by this time, all were wanting me to scratch their ears or the other end...=).

Yarrow in the garden.

        I love this old truck....I posted about it earlier when it was clean and it's covered in dust and they put cactus in the bed.  I  would love to have this sitting by our front gate.

Have a great day everyone!!!!!!!