Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Boot Scootin Boogie....

CONROE-September 023
CONROE-September 043
CONROE-September 045
CONROE-September 053

I loved this donkey…she had the sweetest expression on her face.


CONROE-September 055


CONROE-September 105

This is our little Jolie Blond….she was grand champion acosa donkey.
We are soooooo proud of her. She also placed second in pre-green trail, her first time to show in trail class.


CONROE-September 058

A beautiful Mammoth donkey.


CONROE-September 059


CONROE-September 060

What a beautiful sunset at the end of a hard day.

All of the photos are from a donkey show we attended this past weekend in Conroe, Texas.
We had a wonderful time but boy were we ever tired when we got home. I think the donkeys were happier
than we were though…they couldn’t wait to get their halters off and take a good roll in the dirt.

I’ll post more next time!