Saturday, May 21, 2011

Macro Day….


We are so blessed!...we received two and a half inches of rain

last night! The garden is so happy this morning!

Speaking of gardens I took a lot of pictures the other day.

I’m sharing them with you today...hope you enjoy them!

Water lily in goldfish pond

I threw wildflower seeds down in the front of our house,

No mans land I call it, and surprisingly they came up!


misc 095


misc 089

More wild these.


misc- 067

Really close up .


misc- 082


misc- 109

Another gift from the bird feeder!


misc- 102

Unopened gift!


I am coming down with something so I am going to bed now but I wanted to

share a photo of the moon I took..

moon-3 048

Taken with a Nikon D-90,  70-300 lens.

1/2000 at f/16…iso 200.

Taken on a tripod and I used a cable release.

Have a super great weekend!!