Thursday, June 23, 2011




dreaming-sz 016

These lilies were yellow,I adjusted the hue-saturation and took

most of the color out, then I added a couple

of Kim Klausen’s textures...I then adjusted the setting to

soft light.

Go to Kim’s and sign up for her free textures.


annabelle-sz 020

I love the way the light plays on the leaves

of this hydrangea.

I don’t love the brown spots on the petals...lack of rain

and killer heat.

Thankfully we did get a respite from the heat,

two inches of rain and cooler temps.

The dogs and I even went walking early this morning

but that came to a screeching halt as I saw momma deer

in the woods ahead of us!

Thank goodness I saw her before the dogs did!!

We thought she had left but apparently she can’t

leave until the fawn is big enough to jump the fence.

I love that she’s here but I ‘m afraid

the dogs will chase her if they see her.

So no more walks until Bambi can jump!


I’m joining up with

Come join us !!