Monday, September 5, 2011

Canton was full of bargains!!!


Rust and chippy paint!  We loaded up the truck

twice and needed to come back but

there’s always next month...

canton 005

Jena and Monica shopping with Margaret.

See the stack of suitcases on the left?

They are going to be in Jena’s new shop.

canton 007

Hmmmm, these chairs would look nice.

canton 012

Loved this one!


canton 028

This was our last load, see the trunk? It was so

cool on the inside, it had drawers

and shelves and it even had an envelope...maybe for

lingerie type stuff or jewlery.

So cool!


canton 033 

This vendor has a lot of industrial type stuff.

He’s expensive though.

Canton was wonderful despite the heat, 102 in the shade

but we hung with it and I don’t think

we missed anything.

Hope it’s cooler next month!