Friday, October 28, 2011

This Old Farmhouse……




old house 004

I have always loved this old house. It is now up for sale and it’s

only $240,000!  I think it includes 41 acres with 12 acres being

hiway frontage which makes it pretty expensive.

It’s also in the city limits.

I am afraid whoever buys it will tear the house down because it doesn’t

look restorable to me.

I couldn’t get close because there was a nasty sign on the gate

so I ran back home and got the long lens...:)

old house 002

old house 015

old house 009

I would have loved to have peeped inside

the windows but that nasty sign

they put up kind of discouraged me from even stepping foot

on the property!...;(

old house 008

This house has seen better days but I’ll bet it was grand

in it’s day.

old house 001

A bit of fall around our it!