Saturday, January 28, 2012

A peaceful day at the lake…..


My computer is still acting up...that blue screen keeps showing it’s ugly face!

I packed my camera bag, stopped at Sonic for

a large mocha java chiller,

and headed for Martin Lake.

There were no boats and no people!!

Perfect day!!


Birds-Martin Lake 061 small



I took this at home, he was barely hanging on.

Birds-Martin Lake 004 5x7



This is an old cemetery on the way to the lake.

Birds-Martin Lake 053



Birds-Martin Lake 055



I love the colors.

Birds-Martin Lake 081 levels


As close as I got to this heron.

I had to sneak up on him, hiding behind trees so I could get this shot.

Dang bird!!

Birds-Martin Lake 102


A very relaxing day…:)