Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday-Donkeys and Grandkids

It's Outdoor Wednesday over at Southern Daydreamer.
I usually post about my garden but today I am showcasing Grandkids
and donkeys. All these were taken several years ago when the kids
thought it was cool to train donkeys for showing. Well the oldest wasn't
into showing but she did help train occasionally. Miniature donkeys are
well suited for young and old, they are very easy to handle and they are
very loving...as you can see by this first photo.

This is Nathan and Katie relaxing by the creek.

Nathan and Boxcar Willie training for the Dallas State Fair. You had to run with your donkey
to the barrel...the kid goes through the barrel not turning loose of your donkey..then you had to run towards the gate. Boxcar did every thing he was supposed to do until he got to Dallas.
He said we didn't tell him that all those people were going to be watching AND it smelled
like cows and pigs! Nathan finally coaxed him to the barrel and on the way back to the gate it was easy...he couldn't wait to get out of that arena! Ha!

Boxcar and Nathan practicing jumping...

Now its Kristen and Bonnie's turn. Bonnie did great in trail class at the fair that year.
She went right through the water box like it was nothing...she was the only one that didn't get
pulled through...she went willingly. I was so proud of her!!