Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lets wave our flags!!

The Fourth always brings many good memories of my childhood to mind...when I was little our whole family would get together...all of the aunts, uncles, and cousins came. We usually went to a lake or river and we always had plenty of good food to eat...pimento cheese sandwiches, potato chips and coke was my favorite. The women brought plenty of sweets too.
They always made us wait an hour after we ate before we could go swimming....we would beg to just get our feet wet but no, we had to wait. What was going to happen? I never could figure that out.

This is in my garden...I did have a blue clematis on the lattice but the heat turned the leaves brown. I cut it back and it is still alive but barely. BTW, that watermelon sure was sweet and delicious...8-)

I found a mirror to hang on the lattice...can you see the rabbit reflected in it?

My brother and I at one of our get togethers on the fourth. What fun we had!
This was our favorite swimming hole when we were had a bridge that practically sat on the ground and I remember a lot of big rocks...we would use our inner tubes to float down the river and then we would have to either walk back on the bank or fight the current to get back where we started. Our parents called it the low water bridge.
Then they came and dammed it up and made lake Degray in Arkansas. I was very sad about them doing that but I did take my kids swimming there before all that took place.

The rest of the photos are from Better Homes and Gardens Magazine.

Very patriotic!

Who wouldn't love to while away an afternoon here?

Looks like a storm rolling in....