Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday...

Today is Outdoor Wednesday at  A Southern Daydreamer....Susan is our very gracious
hostess and would love for you to come and visit her sure and visit
with the other participants!

Today's posting is all about nature and some of
the critters that live here.
The first one is our very special gelding, his name is Cajun
and he came to us when he was four months old.
He was eight months old when we took
him to his first show and he acted like he had been
to a hundred shows.
When he entered the arena he let out a bray and announced
that he was here and proud of it.
He loves to go to the shows and always does us proud...
he doesn't always place 1st, but he doesn't know it and we are still
proud of him.

A cluster of Darlow's Enigma with a couple of guests.

This is Precious with her foal, Gunner. You may have seen Precious
in another posting...she is as her name suggests...Precious.

What a special moment this was...I was standing very still trying to get a shot of a butterfly and these humming birds
were flying all around me. I was lucky to get these shots of them.
And me without my glasses!!
I just aimed and shot and hoped some of them would turn out.

I couldn't believe it when this one decided to perch close to me...she looks especially beautiful with the red leaves of the rose as her backdrop.

A single flower bud of salvia...I love the colors.