Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring in Texas….


I am taking a much needed break from yard work!!  Why is it when you decide to

get something done nothing works….I had to make a quick run to Lowes

to buy a new hedge trimmer and now it’s noon and almost nap time.

I took a few pictures of the flowering trees and shrubs to share with you.

spring-2011 006


spring-2011 007


spring-2011 026

I tried to get a photo of the moon when it was so close last Saturday.

spring-2011 046

Everything trimmed except the Knockout roses…I’m thinking
I’m not going to trim them this year and see what they do.

Ty program-flowers 004

I love Dogwood blossoms.

Ty program-flowers 006

Love the colors in this photo.


yard 025


cloudy 023
Immature Goldfinch.

Okay, back to work!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Hi Norma!…=)