Tuesday, April 5, 2011



Our azaleas were just perfection this year. The blooms stayed

on a long time since we didn’t have any rain on them…plenty of wind

though. I am joining up with Susan @  A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday!

                                            Join us!!!

azaleas 006

These are a native from Alabama I think…they smell wonderful.

azaleas 009

Just a few feet down are some we planted a few years ago.

A natural spring runs through this area and they love it.

azaleas 020



azaleas 036


Azaleas 012

You know I had to show you this male house finch,

I read somewhere that they look like a sparrow

dipped in raspberry juice.

We usually have a pair nesting close by, and they have the sweetest song.

I just love to go out early in the morning, sit in the swing on the porch and listen

to their serenade.


The old bed I bought at Canton….I love it!

I sat it up in the yard for a photo shoot this past weekend.
That was a lot of fun with the wind blowing so hard!!

I hope everyone has a great week!!