Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Waco Texas

We went to the National Miniature Donkey Show this past weekend at Waco, Texas…..took loads of pictures and really had a good time.

The azaleas were all gone when we got back, I guess the wind blew them away! Speaking of wind, Waco was so windy you couldn’t keep your hat on your head!!

Donkey  show 126

This is one of the young ones that shows donkeys. How cute is she?

Donkey  show 249

Frank and Cajun trotting over the logs.

Donkey  show 259

Side passing

Donkey  show 269

Donkey  show 283

They won the challenge!!! There were thirteen in the class.

Donkey  show 291

Team driving The lady in the back calls her team the TriASSalete’s.

Donkey  show 308 I would say she was happy with her team!

Donkey  show 150 Jump!! Another young exhibitor. I think she is six.

blue bonnets 502

There were blue bonnets as far as the eye could see…. just breathtaking. They were even in the fields. I had to stop and take pictures. This was pretty close to Waco.

I’m joining up with Susan at A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday….hop on over and see all the participants this week! It looks like Spring is here to stay or is it almost summer?

I want to thank all my visitors that visited my blog last week and left comments…:-) I love reading them all!!!

Have a great week!!!